u-blox @ the core

LARA module with UBX-R3 chipset
First cellular LTE Cat.1 module from a single supplier
@ the core for 20 years

Addressing tomorrow’s expectations: having technology and IP in one hand is an advantage for the customer.

u-blox can provide this advantage in GNSS and in cellular communication products, for example inside our LARA-R3121 module, the first LTE Cat.1 module from a single supplier, designed especially for industrial M2M and IoT applications.

To achieve milestones like this, more than 850 employees work constantly on new innovations and they serve more than 5700 customers globally.

Today we’re looking for the next future developments and we’re driving innovation in fields like lane level accuracy, autonomous driving, real time kinematics, V2X communication or narrowband IoT (NB-IoT).

And as 20 years ago in u-blox still all agree: the best is yet to come!