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One of the reasons for u-blox’s on-going success is our approach to the market combined with a structured product portfolio and the ability to address the needs of a broad range of customers. We achieve this by focusing on five distinct areas.

Quality is at the heart of everything u-blox does, and we offer products in three distinct grades: Standard (for consumer product applications), Professional (for industrial and professional applications) and Automotive (for equipment used in harsh environmental conditions). The factor that sets us apart from the competition, however, is our adherence to a quality assurance program that covers every aspect of R&D, module and IC manufacturing, testing and even the supply chain.

Manufacturing concept
Whether a customer decides to buy a chip or module will depend largely on volume and scalability. Customers who require a relatively small number of components will usually opt for modules while those foreseeing much larger volumes will go for chips. u-blox has the flexibility to accommodate both. Our infrastructure includes a multi-continent fabless manufacturing chain that includes chips made in Asia, modules made in Europe, along with stock points in America, Europe, and Asia to enable fast response to orders.

Technological expertise
u-blox has established a firm place at the forefront of R&D in its industry and offers products geared to the needs and expectation of companies of all sizes. Our products enable our customers to manufacture hybrid solutions that uniquely combine positioning and communication functionality. Among the company’s most recent achievements is untethered dead reckoning, which does away with the need for a connection to the car's systems and sensors, and thus combines excellent positioning with extremely simple operation. We are also taking a leading role in the Narrowband IoT field, cm-level accuracy positioning, 3D dead reckoning and continued to promote new standards for cellular products, including in one of our key sectors, automotive communications.

Clearly defined role
u-blox takes a strictly defined role in its customers’ value chains: we do not compete with our customers; and we lay no claim to being systems integrators. Our aim is to add value by supplying the components that enable our customers to build systems of their own and in turn develop strong relationships with their own clients.

Customer satisfaction
A three-tier support concept delivered by our R&D teams and field application engineers takes our customers from conceptual design and development through to evaluation, blueprint design and working prototypes. We package our products so that they are easy to use. And, finally, we have many years of experience in the same markets in which our customers operate.